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  • Current Season / Year: Summer 2021, Y1

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  • Welcome to Forsaken!​

    Ran by the members, for the members. Forsaken is a wolf based shifter rp set in a post apocalyptic mix of 16-1700s fantasy in decrepit modern buildings and architecture; the focus of the scene set on two main continents, Praeth (semi realistic where the people are less effected by radiation) & Drokai (Fantasy where the people are more effected). Each continent is set up with unique cultures just waiting for members to expand and build upon, creating endless possibilities!
    • Both fantasy & semi realistic settings.
    • Utilize both Wiki for content storage & a forum for writing
    • Allow different styles of combat, plotting, writing & more to fit all styles
    • No word count minimum; but we ask you be considerate & match your partner.
    • No limitations on character design
    • No character limit
    • High ranks available
    • Create & implement your characters own lore, history, beliefs into the sites official canon with ease. You can also create & discover new lands, creatures, plants, magic and more.
    • GM positions available (auditions coming soon)

    Getting started​

    1. Register on the Wiki & Forum using the same name you use on the Discord! (Tag a staff member to open wiki registration)
    2. Don't forget to review the rules!
    3. Once registered staff will make you a category under “Player characters” and you can get creating!
    4. After character creation is complete be sure to post them on the forum for acceptance
    5. Once accepted hop on over to the discord and plot away! If you're not sure where to start, seek out your GM for your culture and they might be able to help give you some ideas