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  • Current Season / Year: Summer 2021, Y1

[AW] Stand my ground

All welcome thread


New member
May 11, 2021
Isaac just looks at him, he wasn’t a fool. He knew that zen was likely deep in his thoughts most likely thinking of ways to earn Sonja’s love back… For some reason that irked him, his eyes sharpen for a moment before he began to look away. “Help would be amazing, do you know how to skin potatoes?” He asks with a gentle smile as he began to push the door open and step inside, he began to unbutton his robe like jacket and place it on a chair. He stood there shirtless in the middle of the simple living room, with a couch and chairs all in front of a fire. He began to look over at him “forgive me, I gotta go change real quick… being in robes all day can get pretty tiring. I’ll be back soon though, you can head towards the kitchen and grab the potatoes. I just need to add that and some other veggies and we’ll be set.” He says warmly as he began to walk away heading towards his room.

He began to pull his drawers open and grab a white button shirt and some louse pants, he lets out a sigh as he looks at the mirror and sees himself and all his scars… he began to narrow his eyes for a bit than look away while rubbing his neck. Calm yourself….this is to help him, nothing more. He began to get changed, soon he had his louse pants on and was beginning to button up his shirt. He soon stops once he reaches the necklace and he began to grab it, taking it off and putting it in a black box which he begins to hide under the bed. He stands up and rubs his neck a bit… “Now…. I am alone…” He sighs softly as he began to grab his glasses and place it on his drawer and soon he takes a deep breath to calm his heart. He soon walks out of the room and began to smile a gentle smile. “Sorry for taking so long, just had to do something real quick. You can sit wherever you want, or ask me whatever you like. My house is yours for the night so it’s within my best interest to make sure you’re pleased and happy.” He says lightly touching his chest and letting out a warm chuckle. “but that also means as soon as you step into this house, all your fears and worries remain out there… keep your attention on me, focus in the world I have given you. Just relax… and be yourself. Now than shall we go finish making dinner?”