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  • Current Season / Year: Summer 2021, Y1

[P] If I stare into the abyss, Will it stare into me?

Private thread


New member
Mar 7, 2021
The Everglow; south of the Iron city

Frustration electrified every muscled that moved along the reapers body. Thoughts shifted over and over inside his head as paws pulled the man deeper into the woods. He had shifted back into the comforts of his auburn fur. The smell of the earth beneath him was helping to keep his emotions in check. He was replaying Sonjas reaction in his mind. Her eyes, glowed with her rage, and her heavy wings pulled her body away from him. Her voice echoed inside his head. It was haunting him. He thought he was doing what she needed. Thought he was giving her time to heal. Why did it feel like the rift was getting worse?

His shadows whispered around him. Their voices were a collection of his regrets and ambitions for the future. They mimicked what he wanted. Spoke to him of who he once way. Maybe he needed to regress. Maybe he needed to be the monster he always knew he was. Smoldering ember eyes shifted towards the biolumessent plants that lit up the evening. It was beautiful here and yet he felt completely empty and alone.

Something caught his attention. It was a scent. Perhaps Cerberus had sent him some compassion. It had been some time since he had seen Elle. He wondered if the advise he had given her was enough for her to confess her feelings towards her love. Young love was always so passionate. He envied that. That first time feeling your heart burst with so many emotions. He remembered that feeling. It wasn’t as if he still didn’t. It was just, things were lost, and he feared they would never be recovered. Never the less. Perhaps she could be a better distraction than Isaac had been.

He was a little sad to shed the comfort of his fur. He had isolated himself inside his wolf form in order to focus on his thoughts. However, it made holding a conversation a little difficult. The shadows hissed around him and began to tear into the very fabric of his origins. They tugged at each atom and shifted each bone into its new placement. It felt agonizing to break bones and pulled in fur as his body went from four paws to four limbs. His elegant cloak pooled out of his elegant clothing. The shadows hissed as they became one with the garment and his scythe was tucked against his back. His brown boots covered what was once his paws and his bush auburn tail remained visible against the softness of his trousers.

He was one of the few who maintained his wolf ears and tails in human form. It was something that confused many and even disgusted some but he liked seeing part of his wolf form still attached to his human one. The scents around him dulled just a little as as he drank them in through his human nose and it was very clear she was near by. What would have been silent paw steps was now soft foot steps.

TThe moon seemed to paint his auburn hair in layers of ivory. The long strands were left free around his shoulders. The curls were full and heavy. The scent of crushed earth and wood followed him as he searched for her familiar face. He could smell no one else near her. He wondered why she was out here alone. Finally he decided to call to her. His voice was smooth and heavy, “Elle.” He said simply, as he allowed his voice to call out to her. He didn’t wish to startle her and would give her the opportunity to shift in private, if she was in wolf form, before revealing herself to him.