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  • Current Season / Year: Summer 2021, Y1

[AW] Celebration For A Queen [True-Navi Royal Event]

All welcome thread


True Navi GM
Apr 27, 2021
The chatter beyond the threshold is inviting, you hear music, the laughter of a crowd, and even the faint scent of freshly prepared fish and fragrant desserts. Your name is announced as an invited guest your full name, and any titles you have, are spoken for the crowd to hear. Those ranking lower turn and bow, those of higher simply nod in your direction. You give a single bow meant for your betters, and carry on into the party. Formally trained dancers are waiting near the music players for their chance to perform. The center of attention is Queen of Sea Katsue, she is decorated in a lovely new kimono, her birthday is the cause for this celebration. Her hair is done up to embody a star, silver trinkets interwoven into her hair. She sits to the right of the King, on a lower chair. Her fellow Queen Raita sits on the King's left, her chair is slightly lower than Katsue's, but it seems she has a plush pillow to soften to the wooden seat and makes her near the same height as Queen Katsue. This only matters to the members of the royal family who determine one's value based on appearance and notoriety. The King sits between his wives and sips his drink, food brought to him on silver trays to be eaten at his leisure. Compared to other formal affairs, this is by far the most casual. Rich businessmen and their families are attending. A few notable military men and of course the King's council, all with wives and children to occupy the space. The room itself opens onto the garden, a well-cared-for bamboo forest that serves as both a maze and ambiance as the wind moves through them. The night air is cool and a small fire offsets the chill of the wind. There is another room a bit separate where you can hear a slightly rowdier crowd, sounds of people calling bets and laughing carries into the main room. You are welcome to venture there, but hurry! The players seem to ready a tune for the dancers to join up in, best get out of the Queen's line of sight. She loves to watch the dancers.

This is a prompted event! I(Heli) will play simple NPC characters as needed. NPC characters are limited to the following royal family members: King, both Queens, Princess Sabira, Prince Ismad. I will also be willing to play non-royal family members, but only on a case-by-case basis. Can't do all the threads, haha, Of course, Princess Asuka is my character, and interactions with her will be in greater detail. You are encouraged to use this prompt to start your own thread. This is the first of many event threads to take place in True-Navi and a test run.

This thread comes with an ambient room: True Navi Royal Party